it has been quite awhile ago since the last post or poem. was busy with the procedures of getting myself a cozy and inspired corner 'physically', apart from this one here! :) 

had just watched 'the blind side' once again for the 5th TIME! it was still very inspiring to me. 

and then i was reading masterwordsmith blog and stumble upon a post that she posted for the title that i am about to write now... that makes me start counting my blessing again :) 

i suppose it will not come in a sequencing or structured manner, it will all be what i am thinking now... :)

you can share with me what's yours too ! i would love to hear from you on yours! :)

the best moment in life are...

1. when i do things together with my family (to the cinema for movie and eating ice cream together, open conversation where everyone express how they feel and tell what they think - this does not happen all the time in my family but when it does it really really feels good & just so bless)

2. at how mambo look at you through his innocent eyes and wonders his ears like trying to hear you speak

3. when i got to play with rosie or when she is tired and chose to lay beside me (obviously she does not always chose me because my dad, mum and youngest sister were her favorite!)

4. when my sisters and me talks secret without letting our parents know what we are up to

5. when i realized i made a mistake and i say sorry and break the silence

6. have value conversation with buddies over a meal or drinks

7. laugh out loud when i watch funny movies or comedian show or hearing my friends shared their funny stuff or i shared with them mine

8. listen to a song where it really touches your heart and you are actually with tears without realizing it... some of Yanni composition makes me feel that way
9. watched movies or read stories that truly inspired me

10. getting acknowledgments and compliments for all the hard work that i have done 

11. when people come and tell me they enjoyed reading my poems and they thought it makes them feel happy or encouraged or inspired after they read it 

12. are able to complete something after a tough and hard effort - conquered mount kk few months back! 

13. receiving or giving someone special a beautiful kiss right from the bottom of my heart

14. receiving or giving tender loving care (tlc) to someone special (got to learn this vocab from dopey)

15. accidentally over heard someone said good things about me, which will put a smile in my heart
16. when i got to know my parents and family are proud of who i am

17. when i am able to share my thoughts on stage with other fellow students in my states and when i got to appear in the star newspaper for this, especially when i am so glad to have make my parents and teachers proud of me but most importantly i am able to overcome my fear of inferiority complex

18. feeling a buzz in me when i see someone special ?

19. hearing someone tells me 'I Love You' :)
20. laughing or smiling at myself

21. being happy for no reason, for just being happy 

22. when that day i have seen the most beautiful smile i had ever seen on my dad face!
23. that my mum are being happy and had no worries with all her children because they are able to live a great life!

24. i am able to watch the blind side for once again! and the sister keeper last weekend!

25. when i always knew that god is always there for everyone of us! just if you can realized or feel his/her presence in you! :) we are all very bless by him/her in all ways, at all time, straight into our heart

26. when i see grandma unwrapping her birthday gift where we gave her on her birthday! she smiled all the way long when she is unwrapping her present... that was a very precious moment!

27. is okay to have big ears... 

28. got to know my buddies for life had found the person who can make them smile from their heart! :) congrats once again!!! i am so so so happy and excited at the same time!

i got to stop for now and head to bed, tomorrow will be a long day for forecast. till then, and i shall promise it will not be long for the next one :) 

good night... cheers!

snowflakes powder over my door step
ray of sunshine glimpse through my eye sight
enjoying the moment of my foot step
pleasant surprises are such a delight!

lots of pebbles in the stars
flying cheese balls you get in mars
icy juicy cranberries melted over your head
to make absolute wonders for your days ahead!

In conjunction with mothers day, parenthots column which is part of the star team has published the below article i have written online! I appreciate their thoughts and actions, which gave mum a surprise when she read it 'A mum's sacrifices are never forgotten'.

I remember mum used to made us healthy breakfast everyday, the milk I forced myself to gulp every morning, the bread for school break I thought it was bored and have attempt to throw it away but failed and ended up getting caught and canned hardly! Nevertheless I could remember weekend meals are all very interesting! Mum has that superb talent of inventing her own special recipes and it tasted really yummy!

I remember mum always managed to get us nice dresses and shoes to go with and get us well presented at all occasions

I remember the times when I needed so badly someone to just  be there for me, mum is there and she had always been, until today

I remember we are not used to worry about financial as the way I do now because mum and dad provided everything I need to have

Mum has aged gradually while I have grown older. Her dedication to the family is one of the best efforts I am not able to speak about still. There are no words that I could use to describe or explain to people the work that she has done for all of us at home...

She had done it all, her scarification for all of us is immeasurable in our everyday life, until today, without fail. I have not found the best way to speak about the great things my mum has done, because to me... that can only be shown from her action...

I would like to wish her Happy Mummy's Day and assured her that we have always loved her, and that will means forever and ever...

This song is to dedicate to her... all that you have done, we remember and will treasure and cherish it always...
Remembrance by Jim Brickman

To all mummy out there, Happy Mummy's Day to all of you too!

i put my hands together
i close my eyes to feel
i adore life with honor
all that happen is real

i read stories and shed tears
music makes my heart heals
i sleep while angels appears
all that happen is real

big bears give their hugs
protect the hurt from fear
help the weak to fight against their bugs
all that happen is real

follow the spirit in you
and sing the song you feel
you are the many in a few
that happens to be real...

my heart is where i think
my smile is where i go
time passed me by in a blink
like a wind which has just blow

i maybe afraid where life brings upon
my believe are the one who keeps me going
people say love is what brings it all on
the beauty of it has now starts beaming

after all these years it has been
i am standing right here
everything has now begin
for all to be cheer

when the nights are here
when my dreams start to grow
i can't believe this has been years
that has now bring this glow

everything is all possible
trust that we have wings to make us fly
miracles is not only a tale
it is our pride which will never lies

believed yourself and keep that believe going
continue to do all things that keep you moving
one day you will see all your dreams keep coming
it is because you never stop believing! 

i feel happy, most of my time
and that brings me, utmost joy and happiness

i feel, upset and sad sometimes
at times when i feel alone, when there is no one to talk to
that is when, i found books my good friend in silence

i have, many wonderful friends
and i have learn, to cherish all my relationships
for all that they have been, they are awesome, being them

i love to write, it makes me smile and laugh
makes me feel, top of the world too
i like to share this, with all my family and friends
my passion & happiness that i have, to make them feel happy too

sometimes i do not know, why i am feeling excited about things
maybe happiness has no reason, for being just happy

sometimes when i feel, upset or sad
that is when i feel, i am being useless, for all my shortcomings
there is when i learn, to acknowledge my ugly truth and fear
learning to stand up on my feet
to change myself, to become better

yesterday, i have kept my memories that i have cherished
today, i have treasure it as my most precious gift of life
tomorrow, that is where my passion lies and grows

the beauty of life, lies in the beauty that i choose to see
the happiness with my family & friends, lies in the love i share
the inspiration of my passion, lies in my believe to smile
this is for her, that i have adore
this is for him, that i have admire
this is for all of you, that i have came to share

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