enjoyed a good book on my ride back home to Penang over the weekend - 'Have a Little Faith' by Mitch Albom. Can't wait for paperback, but the hardcover has 20% discount too! :) Not the best book I've ever read, but it was definitely a good read as it gets me continue flipping the pages.
Have a Little Faith: A True Story 

went cheng meng. help dad to clean up our great grand parents graveyard. glad we went. on the other side, grand dad was wise enough to have his cremated. clean and easy to manage. i still remember he says that he don't want to trouble his grand and great grand children to be in the hot sun during cheng meng in the future. awesome guy, know many languages as he works as an interpreter in the court, i thought it was pretty cool that grand dad work in such a profession! :P

mum made pizza and spaghetti! it was really yummy as usual. she loves to cook for the family, don't mind spending hours in the kitchen, her heavenly home. i really thought she has great talent in recipes and making them lovely.

watched 'the blind side' for 3 times over the weekend! it was THAT GOOD. trust me, it truly was. Sandra Bullock very well deserved her Oscar! A story of Michael Oher, an American Footballer. Not easy to stumble upon a good movie these days, this is no doubt one of the very good ones! :)
The Blind Side 

It was my last year-end plan to visit Singapore Zoo (ranked one of the best zoo in the world by Forbes, and I thought this is a good start, cos is the nearest to Malaysia! But without realizing, it clashes with the year end closure period, I got to canceled the hostel I booked, I may have been too excited to book it before checking my schedules. :P

I stayed at my ex-boss place at Bishan together with his family. We went to the Zoo as plan on Saturday morning. It was a wet tour as the downpour didn't stop, but we were glad we went too! :) Not only that I like animals, I thought touring the Zoo was educational too. I really thought that animals are amazing. :) And it was surely a nice outing despite the fact I don't get such fresh air often, we normally surrounds by office buildings, laptop screens, spreadsheets...

After a shower and a little rest, I hopped into the MRT and my first stop was Somerset, went to 313 for some shopping! In fact some of the mid tier brands clothing, you can actually get it much cheaper compared to Malaysia especially during sales. Example: I bought a short and long sleeves formal wear blouse from G2000 at SGD13 = MYR30 each. Charles & Keith has more varieties of handbags and shoes (maybe because it is from Singapore), don't normally get to see much choices in Malaysia. 

Walk back upward to Orchard, stop by Food Republic for dinner with a friend. It was a nice stroll along the stretch of roads. Hopped into the MRT and stop at City Hall , walk down towards Waterfront Park and the Esplanade Hall. So happened there was MOSAIC Musical Festival 2010 , indulged myself with the awesome music performance for the evening :)

The night was still early, went to watch 'How To Train Your Dragon 3D' at Junction8. The movie was funny and touchy. It made me laugh at the same time shed some tears. Took a cab back home. Felt very safe though it was close to midnight to have actually took a cab back home by myself. I will never ever dare to if it is here in my home country. Too bad. Well, it is rather a sad fact huh. 

I got up the next morning, hit to Junction8 after a nice homemade breakfast. Visited the library and watched another movie again, 'The Book of Eli' :P Watch it and you will know what is called 'faith'. After movie, had lunch with  an ex-colleague then head back home.

Took the 5pm First Coach back to KL. Not only I wanted to thank Alex Tham & his family for the superb & warm hospitality, also through him and his family, I see it once again what's a simple yet happy family we all could have. :) He has a beautiful wife with 3 awesome kids: Sarah, Luke & Sandra. They were all very loving and caring. :)

It was a simple yet rewarding weekend. I remember mum once said: seeing new places and meeting new people is a source of experimental learning. I just had one over the weekend! (though it may seems a little silly to have paid double the price to watch the 2 movies, haha)

I will surely make another weekend trip soon again, and also to catch up with my primary school best buddy! Misses the chance to meet up with her this trip.

I read this from: 

Here is the summary :) Enjoy ! 

I know number 1,2,4,5 and 6 works very well for me especially 6 and 7 ! Not sure about number 3 for berries, maybe this coming quarter close can try to munch berries instead !

1. Take more restrooms break 
Inhale deeply and focus on your breathing, you will emerge calmer.

2. Show Up 5 Minutes Early 
Give yourself extra time at all times. Being an early bird can kill stress.

3. Replenish your snacks to Berries and Pistachios 
Berries is rich in vit C, helps fight increased of crotisol, a stress hormone. Pistachios can lower your blood pressure.

4. Quit Stress Drinking
Alcohol prevents your brain entering to stages of deep sleep and lack of sleep leads to further stress.

5. Exercise
A good workout increases level of "feel-good" chemicals called endorphins.
6. Watch Russell Peter
Laughter can reduce levels of stress hormone.

7. Talk more crap and LOL with family and friends
Socializing releases oxytocin, a chemical that help combat stress hormones and lower blood pressure.

some place, someday

123 the pig counts
worms turn red violet when they crawl
Jack Russell in sandy brown with baby blue spots
lines of mugs in store painted in lavender blush 
bushes of colorful mushrooms
wonderland in sunset for all the best people around

BEST PEOPLE just like YOU!

thank you...

you made me remember
passion does brings happiness
when juice of zest dehydrated

you made me believed
the impossible is actually possible
when hopes and dreams seems misty

your liveliness brings continuous faith and dreams
for a simple and meaningful life to lead
simply surrounds by abundance joy, health and prosperity

words. are. beautiful.
it has the power to make people feels happy and inspired
someone just made me felt so
i hope to also bring these feelings to all people
through the beauty of words

unwind with tasteful berries
sharing with you amazing stories
doesn't matter all your worries 
i give you all my smiley's! ( :


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