I was swimming in the pool this morning.

hello good morning. what is your name ? My name is Crystal.

oh hello good morning to you too and my name is Wendy.

kid (Crystal):
so nice the one

oh ya this is a goggle.

kid (Crystal):
no what is that in your teeth ?

oh... this is gigi besi !

kid (Crystal):
smiling with a little confused expression asking again what is that in your teeth ?

this is a set of braces. (I bet she will like the gigi besi picture!)

kid (Crystal):
so nice. how come my mummy didn't buy for me ?

I smiled, do not know what to answer....

My memories tells me I am a pretty shy and timid girl when I was her age. She may be 5 years old. So cool to be a kid like her which has no fear to anyone ! (:

Wonder sometimes how you encounter with new things that you think you are stuck with it not knowing how to proceed ? I bumped in to new stuff almost everyday. This keeps me going - JUST DO IT.

I may be in maze at the beginning how I can actually do it, but perhaps the secret is to just start doing it ! That's the amazing part of it. You do not need to know how but 'Just Do It' and it will eventually leads you to know how to. (:

The unknown makes my day fun and interesting at all time. It helps to sustain my inspiration.

This thought ring a bell to the well known brand of Nike ! (:

Anna, cousin Mei Joon pen pal from Finland taught us Finnish last night.

Thank you in Finnish is 'Ki-to'

Haha, sounded like Japanese 'Arigato' =P

Lets start with basic, Good Morning in Finnish is 'Hua Men De'=我们的

this is Chinese(mandarin) la ! (translating to Anna: it means 'Ours')

My cheeky uncle as the usual him, sitting at the far end of the couch shouted out:

Haha, I know what it is for Good Afternoon and Good Evening !
Let me teach you all la !

Uncle continue laughing out loud:
Here you go... listen carefully... LISTEN
(everyone was quiet & started staring at him)

Good Afternoon is 'Ni Men De'=你们的

(translating to Anna: it means 'Yours'
Good Evening is 'Ta Men De'=他们的

(translating to Anna: it means 'Theirs'

Everyone started laughing out loud... hahahahahahaha...

Okay actual fact for both Good Afternoon and Good Evening in Finnish:
Good Afternoon: Pai Vaa
Good Evening: Iltaa

Funny ?

I repeated this joke to my cousin and they were all laughing out loud.

After J read this, she added another one:
Good Night is =
! (oh mine) haha =P

a smile

a hug
a short conversation

a tiny pat at your back

telling you
‘hey, all the best’
Go… and be who you aspire to be…
You never know...

and yes ! I knew you can do it. (:

(Inspiration source: You never know by Jim Brickman)

may you be bless

with fondest remembrances

in the memories of your loving mum

which you will cherish forever

our thoughts and prayers

be with you always

take care

I am so blessed, my life filled with greatest grace

Though I always walk in funny pace

In this world of maze
But there is always a light in space

Which lead me to my amazed ! (:


My brain is malfunctioned at this moment. This post is just for fun.

I have just scribbled 20 things that I thought can cheer me up (:

1. Write funny stuff and poems that rhymes haha

2. Go kacau my friends and talk crap with them and make them laugh
3. Think of funny character names for my friends
4. Watch Russell Peters makes me laugh out loud (Chinese:34.50!!!)
5. Listen to music

6. Call my sister

7. Go eat nice food with friends who can eat more than me

8. Go kacau my uncle or aunty and make them laugh

9. Watch funny series
10. Talk to God and ask him question where other people can't tell me
11. Give names to my pillow or bolster
12. Go to sleep and dream of lots of sheep haha
13. Drink nice coffee
14. Play with my doggies:
run around with them, box them and cuddle them
15. Read Conversation and Friendship with God
16. Hug mum and dad
17. Talk funny craps to people like:
bubbles, dopey, jS, J, mr. Parker, Oscar the Grouch, Gosama
18. Eat steamboat
19. Family & friends come & tell me they read my blog and writings
20. If one day people pay me to write


This post is for Oscar the Grouch. He asked why I did not post anything on such a tremendous roller coaster ride. So I figure out to pen down several items that I can think of.

Okay, maybe lets start with: YES OMG, its finally OVER ! At least for this piece, I know there is another awesomely crazy round coming but YES it is done for the year ! A new book is now ahead of us to start fresh.

During this closure period, I have discovered another new talent about myself (other than copy n paste). I am impressed myself, as well as Bubbles ! The fact that I am able to take only 15 mins from the time I wake up till I reached office ! Exactly 15 mins !

Bubbles commented on the share market board:
P/s: Wendy did not wash her hair today. Please hold your breath !

Mr. Parker & I wrote something about J:
J is grumpy, like a granny, a granny with a smiley, and she is awesomely crazy...

Dopey may be overwhelmed or she had gone crazy:
Dopey called herself Dopey when she is actually looking at Dolph -___-

JS confessed to Dolph in Red:

J said: Please come to the room now. Need to practice first.
Dolph asked: Need to bring KY ?
J said: I don't need KY.

This reminded us of Oscar the Grouch wet story from J diary...

From a serious thought perspective:
Do not need to think that you are the only one who can solve problems, neither that you may think that you are not able to solve any problems and are not doing a good job.

A big success comes when everyone contributed their best effort. This is the power of 'team discipline', 'collaboration' and 'personal leadership', especially to me this closure shows me the power of collaboration. (:

Oh gosh, I accidentally applied TOP. Reminds me of:
When he say: Hey Hey. I should say: Ho Ho

I thought it was rather a fascinating question and enlightening conversation.

We were at Mei Joon my big cousin house warming last week. They celebrated their readily new home and congrats ! Joon is getting married in 2 weeks ! So excited for her, not to mention my aunt and uncle were waiting eagerly for the big day to come he he. They were like 2 big kiddo anxiously waiting for their turn to a thrilling roller coaster ride with all the on-going preparations. Cute.

Back to the family gathering, my little cousin & I were sitting down the staircase observing the people, the FOOD and noticing there is this small table beside where we were sitting, displaying on it were few photo frames with their casual couple and wedding pictures, and some of the pictures together with friends.
Emily Quek asked and said:
Joon !!! How come there is none of our pictures here ? We have been your cousin for soooo many years since we were born. I have been your cousin for 15 years. Sad. Sob sob.

After Emily and I discussed, Emm will go develop our pictures we had together before and I will go get a photo frame. Okay, I remember Joon says she wants the one with the black frame !

As we were also observing the FOOD, we were seeing the 'wan tan' getting lesser and lesser. Awww...
Shaun Quek said:
I am a teen. (He turn 13 and started Sec 1 this year)
Wendy Choong said:
A teen does not stuff himself with 'wan tan'. Only adults does.

Shaun & I stuffed ourselves with bowls after bowls of 'wan tan'. I treated my tummy really well that night. Muahaha.

Even if you do not talk to your relatives or cousins often, or I may not even sure if I can spell their full name correctly ! Yet we felt so close.

That's the magical bond of what we called a Family ! (:

its still the infinite horizon in my glimpse
i may not recognize all of your advice
while i may have remain in silence
i sensed that you may have realized
i hope you may not be disappointed

your yesterday may not be my today
my future may not be your today
that may have came by from your yesterday

really… let me search for my dreams
be it… even if it is not sensible or
if it is pointless for you

i will never know myself if i do not even try
nothing is pointless for if it is self worth

do not need to worry as i give you all my comfort
all that i need is your trust and love

the trust and love that let go
let go all your worry and

let me be, my-self I truly want to be
i appreciate your intent, i really do

trust me…
that I have always live by with me my greatest value
even with some of our differences that we may have
I always trust you like how i have did

love me…
for who I have been, who I am, and who I aspire to be
I have learnt from you,
to love the same way it was mentioned
to all people that i have cared for, especially you

mummy, this is for you...

(Inspiration source: from father and son, by Cat Steven)


just for fun ...

i am gonna tell you...

*drum roll*

the cycles comes every month
first week is to run numbers every day

the numbers of today
may not be the numbers for tomorrow

the numbers for tomorrow
may not be the closure numbers for the month

the numbers for the closure of the month
will only be by the 7th day of the week

but you will still need to run the numbers every day
to ensure all numbers are in
and those who are suppose to be kick out

this will sometimes drives you nuts
for the entire week
and this is only the end of of the first week

second week will be even more awesomely crazier
i learn building bridges within a turn around of a day

all kinds of bridges to ensure the gap in between
can be 'articulated' and smoothen over

and if 'the bosses' have different directions
here and there or now and forever

they ask you to demolish the bridge
and rebuild a new one

again i learn to demolish and rebuild a new bridge
within a turn around of another day

imagine this routines runs every cycle of the month
you can either love it so much or this really sucks for you

choose to experience this if you think
this sounds crazy yet fascinating

here i am telling you basic stuff of
being a financial analyst/advisory/consultant...

*drum roll*


it started when two princess on their twenty-ninth birthday

aspire to find their adored prince charming in the next six month

sensibly giving their finest attempt, with their utmost attraction

to all available prince out there in the world

the two princess has a castle

in the sky they want to reach for

to pursue their final fantasy,

to create yet another happily ever ending tale

a fable of their lifetime, a legend in history

where their future generation will read about

the story of the two princess

with traces of their parable

in a well admired manuscript


next chapter will be posted

when the two princess have lock their eye

with their potential prince charming

hope it will not be too long for chapter 2 to arise

a state of bliss is when i am asleep
when i dream of lots of sheep
sheep in white and sheep in many colors
thought if i could start to count
that’s when i realize my mind stop
pass-ing by the threshold of pondering
chewing over what i have been thinking
obviously my mind have not been running
being doubtful of what i had been doing
for once i then stop asking
and keep doing and started moving
finding back the countless colors of sheep
i have been dreaming
where i finally found my dream of pursuit
in all attempt of being happy and blissful…
~~mehhh mehhh~~ a weird masterpiece this is

maybe it’s such a bliss
to have a weirdo masterpiece, he he…

dreams gets vague

wishes gets indistinct

mind became anesthetized

the heart exploded

the explosion, a candle was light

the candle light up the others

rays of light revolves to forces of energy

transcend into a state of bliss

it shows the heartbeat analysis forecast for the next 2 weeks
it could be the adrenaline rush waves coming
it seems like how it is going to feel
but still i believed it suppose to do
the old heart stays younger
it may not be as awful as we thought it could be
often times it’s just the invisible fence
which stays in our imagination
what we resist persist, what we befriend transcend
so let’s just do it and rejoice
obviously i am not writing but crap’ing,
but somehow i may feel that way
i am ringing a bell to tell myself
to remember to befriend with everything
i am going to sleep more than i need to for tonight
before tomorrow starts (haha if i could)
i am getting more hype lately as if
i don’t need as much sleep as i used to
haha and i feel funny to post about something like this
it’s just going to be another year end financial closure
to make up for the decade (:

evidently i am still wide awake @ 1:30a.m

unbearably waiting to fall asleep, i have brushed my toilet seat

the latest super-duper handy toilet brush comes in 3 trendy colors

how much > MYR2.60

where to get it > IKEA

mine is pastel blue, they have the apple green version before too

i am thankful
to have celebrated a simple and joyful moment in welcoming the new year

i am thankful
last year has been a tremendous year for many of us and to myself

i am thankful
though the unfortunate, but survived

i am thankful
the deceased have shared their greatest peace

my gratitude moment i entreat in silence

i am so very thankful that:

i am still in good health so that I can still take care of others

my parents are in good health and they are still smiling

2 lovely sisters, whom we cared for each other very much, we squabble once in a while but we apologized instantly right at the very moment too haha, funny especially this happen to me and wen wen, wen yih is a distance away for this to happen now =P

2 wonderful pets in our family who have become our great companion especially to mum and dad while i have stayed a distance away

i am surrounded with very caring relatives and cousins

i have a stable and promising career where i enjoyed most of my time, where i have developed myself a lot

not to mention the crazy moments which i need to stay up late at work, there is when i have a group of wonderful team mates to share these moments with

i am very privileged i am able to help the unfortunate to a little extent

i am able to write a little, to play the organ and the piano a little

i am able to listen to our world brilliant composition

i have created a cozy and inspired corner, it’s going to be a channel to share lots of happiness and fun with my family, friends and other readers

i am surrounded with lots of great friends

i am also surrounded with great people who always inspire me

may our today glow with cheers and happiness and may we unfold this radiance to as many people as we could 

hello there, 2010 ! :)

a classical disney animated movie – a ‘happy ever after ending’ it is. Tiana’s mother, Eudora (narrated by Oprah Winfrey !) tells Tiana: ‘your daddy may not have the riches that most people desired, but he has what he needed in life – LOVE’. LOVE breaks the spell of the shadowman (the voodoo magician) casted on to Prince Naveen & Tiana. 

The fact that I fall asleep during the part where they reaches to look for Mama Odie, but I do enjoyed the movie :) 

It is not the best disney movie i’ve watched, but definitely a good one to spend time together with your family or friends in this season of joy and love.

a story which tells me the power of ‘love’.

i laughed and i love theodore.
the little chubby unbalanced fella in green.
nothing fancy, a leisure watched.
it tickles me many times which put a smile in my face.
also to the rest of the people in the hall.
a movie that surely brings laughter to everyone’s at all age. :)

i may not be the one who build a spaceship
i may not be the one who contributed to any new inventions
i may not be a successful person in many eyes

but to myself i am learning to live life, to its fullest
to explore opportunities and
to do my best that i could in every encounter

i may occur lazy at some point of time
but i promised
i did my best in everything that i needed to do

over the years i may have made mistakes
but i have reminded myself not to repeat those acts
that caused me and others no good

i have reminded myself not to judge anyone
i have realized that there is no right or wrong
everyone is discovering how to do their best

at times when i am upset about myself
you were always there to encourage me
with your kind words and inspiring music

you have always been there
straight to my heart
at all time

aha not by dolph this time…
this was gorgeously written…
by a habitual drinker, social smoker
a typical drinking roll
starting with a round of risking-it-all pints
to deeper satirical rhetoric over whiskey
to dessert wines (red and white considered milder)
when generally vision blurs and words slurs
and ending with that menacing state of brain freeze madness
be cheerful of life
even more careful with why
ever ask how days pass us by?
risk it all in a good old pint
we ask what’s the meaning of life
haunted truth masked from naked eyes
i say let’s stop this pointless search
secrets told will lose their worth
keep it short to live it long
eat less to drink more
yesterday’s stories yesterday’s tale
sexy tasty red and white
silly tally words and lines
saggy tippy flesh and bones
sappy tipsy souls and minds
sinking, stinking life
sing a song and tell a lie
somewhere, sometimes
where gentle waves break into roaring tides
when sun sets into growling winds
this theater revokes a distant dream
as memory guards a fading scene
vividly recalled, vaguely seen
a place named home that’s never been

dopey got to know i have Susan Boyle first released album. since then dopey can never stop laughing… she says i am boyle no.1 fan whenever she heard of the word boyle or dream, she is all over it. keep laughing as if many hands were tickling all over her.

dopey, i know you save it from my pen drive too when no ones noticed ! oh gosh no wonder you are humming along the way, i just knew it ! one more to add, dopey can also never get over with the ‘boyle pose’ ! haha. OMG, dopey just realized Simon has the ‘boyle pose’ in the you tube video too! ewwwww, darn funny. now everyone is laughing… but i thought she sang I Dreamed a Dream in Britain Got Talent 2009 was still the most impressive moment.

in her album i have liked ‘the end of the world’ and ‘you’ll see’ my thoughts for now @ this phase of my life:

there is no end of the world you will see
there is always a new phase in every end of a juncture
it shall be a journey of continuous discovery, even if it is after-life
it is our good heart which brings us
all the happiness wherever we go 

came back from a 3 days training @ Pullman, Putrajaya. will post on that in a day or 2, need to recollect what I’ve learnt cos I am blurred with whatever relates to work now, he he. As a matter of fact, went in to office this morning to catch up some work.

bubbleS and I watched ‘AVATAR’ ! we were awesome-ly thrilled during the entire movie. it was a good one. love pulled things back together. the planet (pandora it was referred), the people (inhabited by the navi’s it is called), the nature (the entire pandora ecosystem), the unseen, with what they have believed (the eywa).

i cooked dinner tonight and watched ‘Rumor has it…’ it was a 2005 movie. simply hilarious and touching. it started with a confused girl (Jennifer Aniston) who wants to discover who she really was, she thought that she had always been different from her family, and wanted to search for her true father. never did she realize her family was actually her true family and how much they have loved her, and she had also realized how much she had loved him (Mark Ruffalo). ‘i can live by myself, but i choose to live together with you.’ i thought this was really very romantically expressed. :)

my sister told me her good news. for a long wait, she had finally gotten a good bonus and a good raised this year. i am very happy for her because i know she has very well deserved that. :)

and myself, i have gotten a sweet and thoughtful gift from ky. he says to search for the W from the dizzy wrapper. it supposed to mean Wendy. he says i like doggie and to write, he gave me a diary and a pen, to be place in the car, if i get any inspiration on the road, or during a stop at the traffic light. i tot it was very thoughtful. =P

i got him a diary too ! with a poem i wrote – ’simple thing’, with a michael buble xmas collection CD ! he say he will blast it tomorrow while he paint his house, till the neighbourhood get sick of xmas. i hope he does not get a complaint on christmas day and come to blame me for that, which i think he definitely will. he never had like me ever since the sucky offer (muahaha), but our friendship never ceases =P

as well as for all the christmas wishes from my dearest family and friends. merry merry xmas ! also, i hope this blog brings a warm and nice read, hope to share lots of lots of happyness with all of you. ;) ho ho ho.

i loved these 2 songs by Sarah. its light and simply pleasing to listen. ;)

just another ordinary miracle today and every other day, with lots of rainbow connections to connect the dots together ;)

Ordinary Miracle

Rainbow Connection

you are an angel, i am a devil
you seems to be the light of happiness, and i am a total disaster
it was never seems to be
but it is meant to be
life isn’t always made to be in order
the unexpected makes it to be the miracle
yet another miracle which seems to be… :)

5 hours climb to get us reached to the place we stay up for the night.It was the longer route we took to visit the different area of rice terraces surrounding the longshen village.

Though i was numb and speechless at the last hour, but no regrets. The view was magnificent, not to forget to mention the great companions during the journey. ;)

Longshen is 2 hours bus ride from Guilin. Those terrace fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top. Got to know from the local villagers that most of the terrace fields were built 500 years ago, during the Ming Dynasty.

This is still not the peak, is a rest stop halfway through the climb =P .

I am half dead, whole body sweated and my legs started shaking. haha. A little exaggerating, but is when i started to feel a little exhausted. It was after the second hour, and we thought we were almost there.

Awesome weather early in the morning

When sun rises… keeping everyone of us warm and cozy


The little ‘white bug’ we see in this village up in the mountain hill

Horses helps the villagers to transport goods up and down the mountain hill. The horses back are really strong !

Their land of producing rice to their people, its like our padi fields in Malaysia.

Houses where the local villagers stays

The most enjoyable thing to do i have liked most in Yangsuo was the River Ride !

2 hours of ride in the raft takes you to feel the serenity and tranquility of the river, and tells you the captivating view of Yangsuo.

Enjoying every juncture of the ride… and the cool breeze makes me feel so refreshing ! :)

We tracked a little along the river side…

Visited a village @ Yangsuo - children learning to sketch at one of the back lane.

Met a dog who looks like Lassie in one of the street in this village !

West Street before peak hour, the atmosphere makes me feel like I am @ Jonkers Street, Malacca.

Let these pictures illustrate to you the beauty of Yangsuo !

I have received UNICEF yearly review on Friday. Have just read it.

In 2008, UNICEF’s expenses globally on programs for the children have increased 12%. It rose from $2,517 million (MYR8,810 million) in 2007 to $2,808 million (MYR9,828 million) in 2008.

The breakdown of the programs expenses in 2008:
50.5% Young Child Survival & Development
21.3% Basic Education & Gender Equality
11.0% Child Protection to Violence & Abuse
9.5% Policy Advocacy & Partnerships for Children’s Rights
6.7% HIV & AIDS
1.1% Others

As much as I could contribute every month, I know there is much more which is still needed. I would like to let all of you know that many of us are here to love and care, as much as we could.

Do continue to believe the nation and the people.

I would like to dedicate a song to all of you out there, your strength that I have admired. You have cherished your everyday life with strong faith and hope.

Do continue to do so.

Your strength of survival has also gave many of us to continue ours.

Here you go, “I believe” by Andrea Bocelli & Katherine Jenkins.

Blogging Women