snowflakes powder over my door step
ray of sunshine glimpse through my eye sight
enjoying the moment of my foot step
pleasant surprises are such a delight!

lots of pebbles in the stars
flying cheese balls you get in mars
icy juicy cranberries melted over your head
to make absolute wonders for your days ahead!

In conjunction with mothers day, parenthots column which is part of the star team has published the below article i have written online! I appreciate their thoughts and actions, which gave mum a surprise when she read it 'A mum's sacrifices are never forgotten'.

I remember mum used to made us healthy breakfast everyday, the milk I forced myself to gulp every morning, the bread for school break I thought it was bored and have attempt to throw it away but failed and ended up getting caught and canned hardly! Nevertheless I could remember weekend meals are all very interesting! Mum has that superb talent of inventing her own special recipes and it tasted really yummy!

I remember mum always managed to get us nice dresses and shoes to go with and get us well presented at all occasions

I remember the times when I needed so badly someone to just  be there for me, mum is there and she had always been, until today

I remember we are not used to worry about financial as the way I do now because mum and dad provided everything I need to have

Mum has aged gradually while I have grown older. Her dedication to the family is one of the best efforts I am not able to speak about still. There are no words that I could use to describe or explain to people the work that she has done for all of us at home...

She had done it all, her scarification for all of us is immeasurable in our everyday life, until today, without fail. I have not found the best way to speak about the great things my mum has done, because to me... that can only be shown from her action...

I would like to wish her Happy Mummy's Day and assured her that we have always loved her, and that will means forever and ever...

This song is to dedicate to her... all that you have done, we remember and will treasure and cherish it always...
Remembrance by Jim Brickman

To all mummy out there, Happy Mummy's Day to all of you too!

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