i have realized ultimately there is only 2 category of choices.

it is always better to bless it than to damn it.

Nothing can be too serious. In most cases, it never be (:

The weather is hot especially these few days during the Chinese New Year celebration. After all the heaty food, I have just made a mix recipe from my main theme of fresh kiwi smoothies for my family for our tea time today ! Yay !

Quench our thirst and it makes us feels so refreshing and the greatest thing is its all fresh, no added sugar except for ice cube to make it feel more chilling. keke. I personally loves the green kiwi smoothie loads !


Golden Kiwi Banana Smoothie

2 golden kiwi, peeled

1 banana, peeled
10 - 15 ice cubes

Green Kiwi Smoothie
2 green kiwi, peeled

8 - 10 ice cubes

Grapes Smoothie

a full cup of grapes (i did not peeled)

8 - 10 ice cubes
*leftover good condition grapes in the fridge so I made this flavor too ! Mum loves this the most ! (:

Tool Needed
A blender is all you need to blend your way with all kinds of fresh fruits of your choice ! Just pick and start blending !

My Small Little Thoughts
I have learnt that kiwi fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and a very good source of dietary fiber and potassium. It surely do wonders for our health !

Surprisingly to me green kiwi blends and taste well with bananas, melon and strawberries. Green kiwi goes well with banana but not so much for golden kiwi so perhaps reduce the quantity of golden kiwi from 2 instead of 3 with 1 banana. But is all back to individual preferences, try to mix and match from the choice of fruits you love ! He he.

Also one thing I know for sure is that the fiber definitely works to improve digestion and helps body to naturally get rid of toxins by itself, this shall serve very well for me especially after eating so much of food these few days for the Chinese New Year ! keke. (:

Icy cold of a kind she may be proclaimed
Frosted as white as toothpaste she used to be seen
Petite and skeletal she is in appearance
Somehow rather I supposed her belly could or might
Store mountain of good food but no where to be seen
This is a really creepy and strange biological effect
which I have yet to or may never figure out

She can be chatty at the same time in her moment of silence
She can be passionately expressive with words at some point
She can also tenderly expressed her love and care in some instances
To whom she thought they well deserved, just to give an example people like me
Haha obviously I am exaggerating but trust me
she is adorably affectionate deep within
She definitely has a warm and blazing heart she had concealed
One day the glow of her heart will shine through
Which I know she surely would

The frozen ice berg is to be melted with its own radiance of the heart
Smiling cheerfully with the sweetest essence of joy
Reaching out to her dreams of glee she has known to be seen
Happy and pleased as a little girl in within she will be
Jumping delightfully for all the moments of joy she shall receive
Like wonders of stars spreading across the dark
Shining through her greatest potential from within

This is the prescription of breaking the spell of a frozen ice berg you all thought she may be...

A charming dedication to my dear friend - Jessy Ng ! (:

assignment accomplished - btw, i never thought i could write so much about you, here is what it has turn out to be... (: what do you think ?

Distance of silence
Voices of the heart
Barely hear no more
Enclosed with guilt

Reaching out trying to listen
Fences from the past hold up
Space of barrier swollen
Tender heart became sore

Entreat for an idle moment
Yearn to be unruffled
Appreciate and respect
Bring peace to present

Forgive and forget
Pour out all unwanted sorrow
Return to the sunny delightful heart
Invite bountiful moments of joy 


I met with a triangle tree

I thought it was yet another beauty

Walking down the alley

A lovely morning with cheery

Thinking of my favorite purple berry

Juicing out my well treated belly

Dazing off by the wind of breeze

A delightful stroll it has been

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